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Usually, you shouldn’t need a roll off dumpster for MSW material. Municipal Solid Waste is what you would call your general trash. The totality of your everyday garbage like newspapers, plastics, couches, paints, charging cords, cardboard packaging, etc. Majority of our customers using our roll off containers utilize the dumpsters for C&D materials. Construction and demolition occasions such as the remodeling of a Meijer or change in roof material on a Walmart.


Keeping the following waste materials out of dumpsters is a universal rule you must follow:

  • Tires made of rubber
  • Liquid products such as paints, wood stains, or other flammables
  • Hazardous materials can never be put into our dumpsters
  • Compostable waste is acceptable but requires a separate and individual container


If you are curious as to what should or should not be held in your container, please feel free to contact Dumpster Man to answer any questions you may have. We can be reached at 888-WASTE-90 (888-927-8390), through our online dumpster rental quote form, or by emailing us at to set up your dumpster rental in Garland.



Review our roll off dumpsters measurements to be sure your area of placement is suitable enough to fit a roll off dumpster. We advise all customers to take safety precautions like overhanging brush or cabling.  The roll off is hoisted into the air about 30 feet before deployment. Your driveway could be susceptible to abrasion in which we are not liable for. Please carefully assess a plan for your dumpster’s placement.


If you are in a situation where your dumpster must be placed on a public right-of-way (side-walk or road), contact the city of Garland to get your hands on a permit or obtain written permission. There may be consequences like unwanted fees and tickets issued by the city or state if you do not uphold this law. Please contact the city of Garland or Dumpster Man to speak to one of our representatives. If you have any questions concerning street permits call us at 888-WASTE-90 (888-927-8390), fill out our online dumpster rental quote form, or email us at


Loading your Dumpster

All dumpsters we service are equipped with a hinged door. Your waste should be level to the container’s interior and exterior walls.  This is because our drivers are required by law to lay tarp across the dumpster’s roof prior to removal. If your container is filled to an extent it exceeds the limitations, our drivers are forbidden to remove the container for your job site. It is best to work within your means if you do not want unwanted fees and complications. Sometimes it is much more affordable to rent more than one roll offs’ rather than attempting to fit everything into one. Do not take risks resulting in delays and unwanted fees.


Dumpster Sizes (Roll Off)

  • 10 Yard
    • Dimensions: 7 ft x 11 ft x 3.5 ft
    • Accessible via hinged swinging door
    • Used when having limited space or smaller job sites
    • Small scale home improvement or de-cluttering
    • Debris removal
  • 20 Yard
    • Dimensions: 8 ft x 22 ft x 4.5 ft
    • Accessible via hinged swinging door
    • Attic, basement, garage cleanup
    • Easily accessible in most driveways
  • 30 Yard
    • Dimensions: 8 ft x 22 ft x 6.5 ft
    • Accessible via hinged swinging door
    • Demolition, construction, siding replacement
    • Great for renovations and remodels
  • 40 Yard
    • Dimensions: 8 ft x 22 ft x 8 ft
    • Accessible via hinged swinging door
    • Commercial purposes
    • New construction or major additions


*These are typical dimensions in the waste industry, but there may be differences depending on the manufacturer of the container.

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