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At Dumpster Man, we pride ourselves on making dumpster rentals quick, easy, and painless. We know that there are a large range of industries that rent dumpsters including the new homeowner, a business owner looking to spruce up their business front, or contractors who have a roofing job. What ever your needs may be, Dumpster Man Glenview can meet those needs.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? We have three ways to reach us. By phone at 888-WASTE-90 (888-927-8390). Email at Fill out our online quote form. Either way, we will reach out to you and answer all your questions.


What Makes Us Unique?

  • We boast the lowest prices in town!
  • Our competitors have several hidden fees, and no one likes hidden fees. At Dumpster Man, our quotes are honest and upfront.
  • We believe we have the most experienced and highly trained staff around and would love it if you gave us the opportunity to prove it!
  • At Dumpster Man, we don’t believe in machines. Every time you call, you will be speaking to one of our in-house specialists who will provide you with the best expertise.


Roll Off Dumpster Rentals

The range of dumpsters we have here is extensive and you are guaranteed to find the dumpster of your dreams here (At least to make your dream project come true!). The plan of action is to make this easy and not empty your pockets. Dumpster Man of Glenview has the lowest rates around and we are confident in that. If you find a rate lower than ours, we will try to match, if not beat, that rate. Our staff is stellar at fulfilling all your needs.

Schedule your dumpster today by ringing us at 888-WASTE-90 (888-927-8390), using email to, or simply using the online quote tab located in the upper right hand corner under the “Order Online” tab.


Roll Off Dumpster Sizes*

  • 10 Yard Dumpsters
    • Dimensions: 7 ft. (W) x 11 ft (L) x 3.5 ft. (H)
    • Most compact size offered
    • Great for small renovations and apartment cleanouts
    • Door on hinges for convenience
  • 20 Yard Dumpsters
    • Dimensions: 8 ft. (W) x 22 ft (L) x 4.5 ft. (H)
    • Excellent roofing jobs, remodeling your new basement, and redoing landscapes
    • Perfect for the every day driveway
    • Door on hinges for convenience
  • 30 Yard Dumpsters
    • Dimensions: 8 ft. (W) x 22 ft (L) x 6.5 ft. (H)
    • We sell the most of these!
    • These are great for larger remodels or lighter weight trash disposal in mass amounts
    • Door on hinges for convenience
  • 40 Yard Dumpsters
    • Dimensions: 8 ft. (W) x 22 ft (L) x 8 ft. (H)
    • The biggest and the best
    • Ideal for excessive amounts of light weight waste
    • Not to be used for concrete, sod, dirt, etc
    • Door on hinges for convenience


dumpster-10-yard10 Cubic Yard Dumpsters

    • This is the smallest sized dumpster that can fit easily into small spaces.
    • These are perfect for disposing of household materials such as items in your garage.



dumpster-20-yard20 Cubic Yard Dumpsters

    • Used for small construction jobs, roofing projects, or household cleanouts.
    • These can easily fit into a standard driveway.



dumpster-30-yard30 Cubic Yard Dumpsters

    • One of our most popular sized dumpsters.
    • Useful for larger cleanout projects, construction and renovation jobs, and remodels.



dumpster-40-yard40 Cubic Yard Dumpsters

    • Our largest dumpster that we offer.
    • These can be used for the largest of construction, cleanout, and remodeling jobs.



*The dimensions listed above are standard but may slightly change depending on who made the dumpster.


Outdoor Waste & Heavyweight Refuse

Do you have an upcoming project outside? Uprooting trees, planting a new floral landscape display in front of your office? Or need a dumpster to hold some dirt? We have the dumpster to meet your needs. However, outdoor waste comes with some restrictions. The restrictions include, but are not limited to, not mixing outdoor waste with household waste or concrete, and not using too large of a dumpster for your needs. Large dumpsters are not recommended for things like concrete, brick, stone, sod or sand for example.

Call us at 888-WASTE-90 (888-927-8390), email us at, or simply fill out one of our quick and easy online quote request forms.  We will answer your questions in depth.


The Largest We Offer

We offer a 40 cubic yard dumpster that is quite large and is often ordered in misunderstanding. While the size is appealing for your larger projects, it is not always recommended. In fact, we only recommend a 40 cubic yard dumpster in the event you have large amounts of lighter weight refuse. Things such as plastic, cardboard, and other non-heavy, bulky trash.  While it may seem only right to order one of our largest dumpsters, we should explain why it is not always the best idea.

For instance, when the driver goes to pick up the 40 cubic yard dumpster that is filled to the brim with concrete, a couple of things could happen, including the arms of the truck breaking, truck tipping/balancing on front wheels. This is a safety hazard to our drivers and is also unable to be transferred. This results in something called a “hauling fee”. More than likely, a second, sometimes third, dumpster will be required to be ordered so that it can be leveled off and safely removed. It is often overestimated of the size dumpster that is needed. To avoid additional fees, let us here at Dumpster Man Glendale direct you with your best options, for your pocket and your project. We are guaranteed to help!


Loading the Dumpster

Our dumpsters feature a door that completely opens, making it convenient to do a variety of things including, but not limited to, dumping heavy objects in, wheeling objects in that may be too heavy to carry, and walking in to rearrange things for optimizing space. One of the things to be most aware of, is making sure you do not go over the rim of the dumpster. This causes a problem with covering the dumpster for transport. When transporting the dumpster, it needs to be covered to avoid any garbage from falling out into the roadways or hitting other vehicles. If you think you may not have enough space, it is never a bad idea (and often the cheaper option) to order two dumpsters or the next size up just to keep things safe.



Most commonly, the dumpsters are used for the waste you would find around your home or what you would throw away in your own trash. Dumpsters are used for trash in excess of fitting in your garbage cans you keep under the kitchen sink.

The second most common type of waste our dumpsters are used for is construction and demolition refuse. For example, tearing down a mobile home, gutting your new basement, or roofing jobs.

Like with many things, there are restrictions as to what you cannot put in your dumpster. Below is a compiled list of what is not accepted or has restrictions:

  • Most appliances are acceptable without much needing to be done. However, refrigerators and freezers are different. For these to be disposed of it is required to have freon removed as well as doors removed. You can have this done by a licensed HVAC technician who will also tag the appliance as safe for disposal.
  • Paint cans are acceptable. Please make sure paint is either completely dried or is absorbed with cat litter and bagged.
  • Yard Waste. While accepted, there are some restrictions. Restrictions include, but are not limited to, do not mix with household or construction waste.
  • Tires are strictly forbidden. There are companies you can call who specialize in the disposal of tires.


Finalizing Your Dumpster

We have three easy ways to contact us!

  1. Directly at 888-WASTE-90 (888-927-8390)
  2. Email us at
  3. The website link in the upper right-hand corner, “Order Now”.


The prices we give you are straight forward and to the point. Nothing is hidden. We will work with you to find the best drop-off and removal date that works best with your schedule. When you place your order, scheduling a final is not required. You can call us within your rental terms to have it picked up or extended.  Reach out to us today for any and all your dumpster rental needs!


Tips & Tricks from The Pros

Struggling to find out what size dumpster meets your needs? We can help! While it may seem simple, there are several things to figure into the dumpster ordering process. It can get overwhelming, and we understand that. The good news is that we are here to help you the entire way. Some of the factors to figure in are the type of waste that goes into the dumpster, how long the projected time span is for the development, and how much space is available.

One of the most important parts is to make sure your dumpster will fit in the area you desire to have it placed. If a dumpster does not fit in the area upon delivery, additional fees may be incurred, such as a “false trip”. This happens when several things happen but, in this case, this is when the dumpster is attempted to be delivered and delivery cannot be completed. Be sure there are no wires, sidewalks that could interfere, or low hanging branches.

Take into consideration the weight of this dumpster and delivery truck is well. It is essentially like a semi driving over your property! The weight could be unbearable for some driveways, resulting in cracking or other damages. Be sure your driveway can withstand excessive weight. Should you wish to provide additional protection to your driveway, feel free to lay down wood or other forms of protection to prevent scratching and other damages.

Occasionally, we come across the situation where your dumpster can’t be placed in the driveway. It may not be long enough; a parking lot or driveway may not even be existent. In this case, we would need to obtain a permit from the city of Glenview. This provides a legal way to place the dumpster in the desired area for a given amount of time. The permits range from 7 to 30 days and are often easily obtainable. If a permit is not obtained in a permit enforced zone, repercussions may be enforced, and these are the liability of the customer. Questions on where to obtain these permits can be answered by our wonderful team!

Dumpster projects can consist of several different materials. We are here to help guide you with what you can and cannot put in your dumpster. In retrospect, large quantities of heavy materials, including, but not limited to, stone, brick, and sod, do not mesh well with the larger dumpsters. This includes 30 cubic yard and 40 cubic yard dumpsters. Some of the reasons that this cannot happen is due to safety practices and legal road weight limits.

Of course, speedy and convenient dumpster delivery is what we strive for, but we book up fast!  As a rule of thumb, a couple of days is standard for delivery notice. While two days is standard, you can schedule a dumpster as far in advance as you wish.

Call directly at 888-WASTE-90 (888-927-8390. Email instantly to Get an instant quote by filling out our online quote form!

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