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Are you performing a task that requires trash and waste removal? Well, you have come to the right place and renting a dumpster has never been so easy. Dumpster Man’s years of experience in the waste industry makes ordering a dumpster effortless and affordable. Talk to one of our dumpster service representatives today, we are happy to find the perfect dumpster for your needs.

Call us at 888-WASTE-90 (888-927-8390), fill out our online dumpster rental quote form, or email us at to set up your dumpster rental today!



  • Contact us for a quote, no obligations! Call us today at 888-WASTE-90 (888-927-8390), fill out our online dumpster quote form, or send an email to us at
  • Easy Pricing. We like to keep it simple. You call, and we quote. All fees and charges are inclusive. No misleading information.
  • Delivery and Removal. Take a load off! Our dumpster service representatives handle all the dirty work. At your convenience, we schedule deliveries and removals with flexibility and reliability. Contact us if you finish early, we’d be happy to have the dumpster removed ASAP.


Roll Off Container Sizes*

dumpster-10-yard10 Cubic Yard Dumpsters

  • Dimensions: 7 ft. wide by 11 ft long by 3.5 ft. high
  • The smallest roll-off dumpster, likely to be used for jobs with smaller amounts of waste.
  • Useful when having limited space.
  • Equipped with a swinging door.


dumpster-20-yard20 Cubic Yard Dumpsters

      • Dimensions: 8 ft. wide by 22 ft long by 4.5 ft. high
      • Good for medium sized projects or for larger cleanouts.
      • Easily accessible in most driveways.
      • Equipped with a swinging door.


dumpster-30-yard30 Cubic Yard Dumpsters

      • Dimensions: 8 ft. wide by 22 ft long by 6.5 ft. high
      • Used often for commercial purposes or new construction.
      • Great for renovations and remodels.
      • Equipped with a swinging door.



dumpster-40-yard40 Cubic Yard Dumpsters

      • Dimensions: 8 ft. wide by 22 ft long by 8 ft. high
      • This is the largest roll off dumpster.
      • Used for larger large cleanouts, community events, construction jobs, etc.
      • Equipped with a swinging door.



*These dimensions are typical in the waste industry, but they may be different depending on the manufacturer of the dumpster



There may be restrictions when using dumpsters, but no worries! When disposing of waste, take into consideration the type and mass of material. Your yard waste cannot be thrown in with regular trash. All compostable materials will need to be thrown away in a separate dumpster. Dumpster Man won’t give you hassle when disposing of materials such as brick, dirt, sod, concrete, shrubs, branches, tree trimmings, etc. We’ve got it handled. Contact us by calling 888-WASTE-90 (888-927-8390), filling out our online dumpster rental quote form, or emailing us at to schedule your dumpster rental.


No matter how big or how small your project may be, Dumpster Man can provide the most fitting dumpster for you. Our services have provided thousands of dumpsters for everything from small household projects to long term construction projects. We understand it’s not every day that you need a roll off dumpster, and that’s why we like to keep our ordering process quick and painless. If you call our representatives today, we’re able to offer you the lowest rates in your area and answer all your questions with professionalism and courtesy.


  • What we quote, is what you pay. There are no surprise costs.
  • We have a massive supply of dumpsters in all sizes.
  • Our representatives are knowledgeable and are here to provide services for your needs.
  • Our deliveries and pickups are flexible and reliable.
  • We are transparent and provide the best prices in your area.



There are some rules when removing garbage. Are you familiar with MSW? Municipal Solid Waste consists of your general trash material. Everyday waste like bottles, newspapers, furniture, paint, batteries, packaging, etc. Typically, you wouldn’t need a roll off dumpster for MSW material. Many customers using our roll off dumpsters use their containers for C&D materials. Construction and demolition projects like, remodeling and roofing to building industrial facilities.

Unless arrangements have been made with your dumpster provider, a universal rule applies. Keep the following materials out of dumpsters:

  • Liquids (such as pesticides, paints, wood stains, lacquers or other flammables)
  • Medical waste, pesticides, asbestos, or other hazardous materials can never be put into a dumpster.
  • Compostable materials such as tree branches, bushes, grass, and leaves are acceptable but require a separate container.
  • Rubber Tires
  • Oversized tree trunks are a safety hazard. The stumps are recommended to be cut “firewood” sized. Additional fees are susceptible in the event a stump is wedged in the container, requiring them to be dug out. Again, cut down your stumps into thirds, the more the better.

Ask your local Dumpster Man if you have questions about the materials you wish to dispose of. Call us at 888-WASTE-90 (888-927-8390), fill out our online form, or email



What size roll off dumpster is right for you? Many differences should be considered when this question is proposed. Such as lead times, available containers, placement of the dumpster, waste material, etc. Preparation is key and your service representative will guide you through this process if necessary.

First, review our roll off dumpster dimensions to be sure your designated area of placement has enough spacing to fit a roll off dumpster. Next, take safety precautions like overhanging branches or wires. A roll off dumpster is carried from the ground roughly thirty feet to be placed onto your designated area. Dumpster companies are not liable for damage to your driveway, or damage to the surrounding area such as overhead wires. Please carefully assess a plan for your dumpster’s placement.

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