Orlando Roll Off Dumpster Compactor Rental Services

A compactor is a mechanism or machine that is used to reduce the size of material like waste material or biomass through a process called compaction. A trash compactor is usually used by a business or a home to reduce the volume of trash that it produces. They are normally powered hydraulic compactors and take many shapes and sizes. A roll off dumpster service like Dumpster Man in Orlando, FL provides compactor rental services.

For some people, waste management is not a large part of the maintenance and operations equation. In a bid to increase productivity and improve service quality, a lot of companies do not look in the direction of a waste management system and this is a big mistake. A trash compactor has many benefits to a business. First of all, waste management builds up your reputation. It also saves more on waste removal. Then, it saves space and finally, you get fewer dumpster issues.

With all the dumpster rental services offered by roll off dumpster rental companies like Dumpster Man in Orlando Florida, you might be undecided whether to get a compactor or a dumpster. Dumpsters usually range from 10 yard containers to 40 yard containers. They are often emptied by waste haulers on a weekly or biweekly basis. Dumpsters are used for a wide range of trash materials like household or office waste, demolition debris, scrap metal, cardboard, etc. Dumpsters are used by business owners, homeowners, hospitals, schools and contractors.

On the other hand, a trash compactor is used for those who produce a larger amount of trash. There are outdoor trash compactors and also indoor trash compactors commonly called indoor packers. Companies like retail and shopping centers, hospitality businesses who have high traffic and produce a lot of trash every day use trash compactors. Others might even have SmartPack trash compactors which replace the regular trash can in a restaurant or hospital setting. Trash compactors fit more trash compared to dumpsters because trash is compressed every time trash is dumped inside it. A trash compactor doesn’t fill up as quickly as a dumpster and therefore does not need as many pickups from a garbage hauler.

Any business who is dealing with too much waste hauling requirements have to evaluate the use of waste compactors. You should also be sure about your waste hauling costs as well as service requirements for you to have a better idea what direction to take. Waste reduction, both in terms of densification or volume reduction and recycling through the removal of items from the waste stream which is requiring service can produce huge savings for businesses.

Waste compactors are usually utilized for non-recyclable materials like mixed waste which is being hauled to the landfills as opposed to recyclables which are hauled to recycling centers. Volume reduction ratios of 4 to 1 or 5 to 1 are quite common for outdoor compactors while volume reduction ratios for indoor waste compactors can range from 10 to or even 15 to 1 depending on the profile of the trash. Regardless of the ratios of compaction or ratios of volume reduction, the benefits of outdoor compactors can be greater than indoor ones. This depends on the circumstances. An outdoor compactor with only a 4 to 1 reduction ratio can be a lot more effective than an indoor compactor that is under-utilized or misused.

You need to evaluate the ideal location of a waste compactor by looking at your whole waste routines and how trash is processed on a day-to-day basis. By just spending a little time you can easily determine the ideal location for your compactor. You should also evaluate the payback based on waste hauling service reductions as well as other factors. If your decision looks borderline based on payback, you might want to consider incident cost savings. Incidental cost savings include things like annual savings in parking lot repairs because of reduction in waste hauling requirements or when indoor compactors are being considered. This could come in the form of drastic savings in labor caused by too much trip to the dumpster by employees. Also, this could even include additional costs like smoke breaks for every trip to the dumpster. It might also mean less labor needed for cleaning around the dumpsters.

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