Residential Dumpster Rental Options

There is a dumpster option available for just about any kind of clean-up, such as renovations, remodeling projects, spring cleaning, yard waste disposal, flooring removal and a lot more. First, there are two things to consider if you rent dumpsters for residential projects. The first consideration is that heavy dumpsters have the potential to damage driveways, sidewalks and curbs. Damage to yards or landscaping could also happen.

The solutions are to rent from a reputable dumpster rental company, protect the driveway with plywood/boards. Some rental companies are going to do this for you. If it is appropriate for your project’s disposal needs, you should choose rubber-wheeled trailer dumpsters. The availability depends on the location. Mini dumpsters are also amazing as a residential option.

When you place a dumpster on your property, you must follow HOA and local regulations. Make sure that the dumpster is clean and well-kept, meaning that it is not an eyesore. You need to have it placed in a location which is approved. If that is in the public right-of-way, you may have to obtain a dumpster permit. Ask your dumpster rental provider about permit requirements.

Dumpsters that offer 20 cubic yards of loading capacity or less are generally the best bet for a lot of residential projects. The exception is new home construction or complete demolition jobs -a 30 or 40 yard dumpster could be more economical in these cases. A 10 yard dumpster is a great option for many projects. The container size provides a great blend between loading capacity and size. A typical 10 yard roll-off dumpster fits well in residential driveway or in hard-to-reach areas that larger dumpsters would not work.

20 yard bins are going to generally accommodate residential cleanouts or renovation projects like kitchen and bath renovations, home cleanouts (excluding hoarding situations), flooring removal, yard debris/brush disposal, and large roofing projects. Dumpsters that are smaller than 10 cubic yards are available, as well. Some rental providers offer dumpster trailers, mini roll-off dumpsters, bag style dumpsters, or rental of commercial front-load dumpsters. These options are not available in every area.

Some dumpsters work better compared to others depending on the job. It may take some calling around before you find a dumpster company which has the ideal dumpster for your project. For heavy debris like shingles, dirt and concrete a 10 yard dumpster that have low sides is the best choice. This allows for easier loading over the sides of the container. These containers are oftentimes called “lowboys”. If such a container is unavailable in your area, a standard roll-off with a walk-in design (doors swing open to allow for entry) works well for heavy debris as well.

A standard roll-off dumpster in the 10 or 20 cubic yard range works best in this situation. If you dispose of bulky wastes, such as furniture, choose a roll-off dumpster with tall sides at least 4 ft. high but preferably 6-8 ft. high. This includes projects such as small concrete patio removal, walkway demo, fireplace brick removal as well as other jobs of just a few cubic yards or less. A 5-10 yard roll-off is great for the jobs. For the smallest projects up to 2-3 cubic yards, a bag dumpster could be a viable solution.

It is also good to have driveway-safe dumpsters. It is possible for dumpsters and the trucks carrying them to cause damage to driveways, yards and curbs. Some dumpster rental companies take extra precautions to avoid this, like laying down boards or plywood on the driveway. Another safe alternative is to go with a dumpster trailer. Being on rubber tires instead of steel wheels, trailer dumpsters are safer for use on all surfaces.

The nationwide average cost of a 10 year roll-off dumpster is $300. The cost of a 3 cubic yard bag style dumpster, like Bagster, also changes by location but usually costs $150-$200. Going with a larger 20 yard dumpster will set you back on average $380. When you look at a cost-per-cubic-yard average, the 20 yard bin is your most cost-efficient choice. Dumpster costs are the same whether you rent for a residential or commercial project. That said, it is possible to reduce disposal costs with some planning ahead of time.