Renting a Dumpster

Renting a dumpster is not too hard, but it could be intimidating for the first-time to rent. You could make an appointment for delivery in just a matter of minutes, but in order to have most out of your dumpster experience without overpaying, you would want to be privy to some things first. There are hundreds of companies out there to choose from and there are also many dumpster sizes, rental periods and disposal fees to consider. Our dumpster guide covers many dumpster sizes, how to schedule, prices, instructions, proper loading and more. This is everything you need to know to ensure your rental will go smoothly.

Roll-off containers are pretty simple vehicles, they have swinging doors on one side, and feet or rollers on the bottom. The doors make loading bulky, heavy items easy and the feet/rollers are placed on wooden planks to protect your street or driveway. Dumpsters are rolled off a truck and onto your property using a large hook and pulley system. When you are done with the use of the dumpster, you call the dumpster rental company and have them pick it up with the use of the hook and pulley system.

There are a lot of reasons why you should a rent a dumpster, and a lot of people do not realize exactly how useful they can really be. Dumpsters really are the underrated superhero of waste disposal. Sure, they are great for the usual stuff, such as house remodeling and doing a major house clean out. However, there is more than a couple of ways to put a roll-off to work for you. Examples where dumpsters are very useful are garages, basements and attic clean outs. They are also good for spring cleaning projects.

Trash dumpsters are the common name given to commercial business dumpsters. They are the type that are spotted every day behind restaurants, gas stations, apartment complexes as well as other places of business. Commercial dumpsters are permanent trash containers rented by businesses and are picked up on a regular schedule. Commercial dumpsters are smaller containers that hold 2 cubic yards up to 8 cubic yards of trash. Trash dumpsters are permanent containers which are picked up on a regular schedule, usually every week to every month.

Commercial dumpsters are used by businesses for everyday debris removal and are always spotted behind restaurants and gas stations. These trash containers have a lid to keep out snow and rain. Lids also help control odors and stop pests. Construction dumpsters are the common name usually given to roll-off dumpsters, even if these open-top dumpsters could be used for more than simple construction debris removal. Construction dumpster rental is the best solution for any cleanup job which would be simpler by having a temporary waste dumpster on site.

Construction dumpsters are bigger, open-trash containers rented on a temporary basis. A construction dumpster usually holds 10 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards of debris. They  are used for construction debris removal after remodeling a bath, kitchen or basement. Excellent for household junk removal, cleaning out a garage, home or basement. It is useful for demolition debris removal. There is also roof tear-off and replacement. These dumpsters are also good for yard waste removal.

Dumpsters are available in a wide range of sizes and measured in cubic yards, which indicates the capacity of the container. It is tempting to pinch pennies by going with the smallest container size, but more often than not, it leads to trouble. Trying to squeeze all your junk into a dumpster which is too small can be costly, which leads to overages or the necessity of additional dumpsters. Always overestimate the amount of stuff you have instead of underestimating it.

If you have a roofing project, it is very easy to calculate the whole amount of dumpster space that you will need. But it could be tough to estimate how much construction debris or household junk you have, and it is even tougher to predict exactly how much stuff you will want to get rid of a big, convenient dumpster. Skimping on size is not the way to go. It costs more to have two 10-yard dumpsters delivered to your property than a single 20-yard bin.