Cool Interior Design Ideas on a Budget


Interior design ideas for less

If you’re on a budget, then you probably know that home design is a challenge. Whether moving into a new space or simply re-doing the one that you have, it seems like home projects are expensive. While there’s certainly no limit to how much you can spend on home improvement, that doesn’t mean you can’t save some money in the process. Use these decorating ideas to get the home you love without spending a bundle. Don’t forget to visit our page about rolloff dumpsters for information on how to dispose of items that are no longer needed. Read more.

Use Paint

Painting to change the look of your house

One of the simplest and most effective ways to transform a room is to use paint. It can breathe new life into a space, and you can also use paint treatments to provide a fresh look. A gallon of good quality paint won’t run you very much and it only takes about two gallons to paint a medium-sized room. These are just a few ideas of how paint can be used to transform any space.

  • Stripes – tape off sections of the wall and then paint between the taped lines. You can create horizontal or vertical stripes. Also, the stripes can be equal or varied for an interesting look. This is a great option for an accent wall.
  • Ombre – If you’re feeling ambitious, you can give your walls an ombre effect by going from light to dark down the length of the wall. Start by painting the entire wall a light color and let it dry. Apply a darker shade of the same paint to the bottom two-thirds of the wall and then re-paint the last third in the darkest color.
  • Stenciling – if you want the look of wallpaper without the hassle, stencils are a great option. You can easily purchase stencils or even make your own. Use the stencil to create an interesting look for the room. You can use this on the entire wall or do the borders only if desired.
  • Ragging – ragging gives you a unique finish that works well in a variety of spaces. Once the wall is painted a basic underlying shade, use a crumbled rag dipped in paint and dab it across the wall. You can use a plastic or paper bag or any material desired.

Add Crown Molding

Crown molding

Crown molding has a way of making a room look finished. It brings the walls and ceiling together, providing an elegant appearance. If you’re tired of plain walls, then consider adding in molding. It’s inexpensive and you can choose your preferred style. To give the greatest impact, look for wide molding and it will stand out.

Update the Pillows

Decorative pillows to redesign home

Pillows seem like an afterthought, but they actually can add elegance and design without breaking the bank. Choose pillows that are on the larger side to make an impact. If you have a relatively neutral room, pillows are a great way to add in some color. Look for brightly colored and patterned pillows to use on your couches, bed, and other spaces. You’ll be surprised at how this can make a room pop.

Add Window Treatments

Drapes to change the look of windows

The windows make a large difference but adding window treatments is budget-friendly and will add elegance and privacy. When selecting window treatments, always make the smart choice. Unlined flimsy materials will make it look cheap even though this is the cheapest option. You can find lined drapes from many stores at a reasonable price. If you’re handy, you can save even more by making your own. Natural silk and cotton are great options although for a more modern look, look for bamboo shades or wood blinds. Looking for new windows altogether? Visit our blog on the different types and sizes of windows here.

Update Your Lighting

Household lighting options

If you have a standard house or apartment, the contractor probably put in standard lighting fixtures. However, a designer light fixture adds in a great deal of impact with a small price tag. There are a few ways to get great lights without the high-end price. You can start by shopping at local flea markets and second-hand stores. This is where you’ll find unique pieces. You can also customize lighting with simple adjustments. For example, adding a drum shade around an old chandelier is very popular and easy to put together. Make sure that you have a few different light sources to brighten up the space as needed.

Opt for Hardwood

Hardwood flooring

Although it was fairly common to put in carpet when homes were built, hardwood provides a classic appearance that can instantly elevate any space. Purchasing hardwood for your home will be an investment although it will last for a long time. However, if you have carpet, you might want to check what’s underneath. Many homes put carpet over hardwood, and it can be removed fairly simply.

If you want to update your floors without spending a bundle, you can also consider putting in laminate. This is a much more economical option that can be used for as many or as few rooms as you want. Laminate can look nice when you get a good quality one installed so make sure to shop around.

Add in Accessories

Home decor ideas

Most homes lack the necessary accessories to bring a touch of interest and life to any room. While some might think that accessorizing would be expensive, you can make this change for a song. One great way to add some interest to a neutral space is to add in gold touches. It will make your space look elegant without doing anything else. Accessorize the room with gold picture frames, gold mirrors, or even a gold-legged table that’s become popular. If gold isn’t your style, choose another theme and then look for accessories in that area. Most home good stores will have a variety of options that inexpensive and well-suited for almost any space.

Now that you have a few indoor decor ideas, it’s time to get started. These simple and budget-friendly options will allow you to instantly elevate your space without making any major changes. You might be surprised that you can also pull these ideas together over a weekend or maybe in just a few hours. A home should be a space where you feel great so start by making it look great.